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Non Destructive Testing

Non Destructive Testing, or NDT, is one of the key competencies of Apave SEE in the domain of Inspection and Technical Assistance.

NDT consists in a set of methods that enable the assessment of the integrity of metallic industrial structures, without destroying them, either during their conception, either when they are in service. NDT consist in the determination of the acceptable size of an acceptable defect, and then in the detection of the defect in the metallic piece, without destroying it. If the defects are considered acceptable, the test is satisfactory; on the contrary the metallic piece will be replaced or repaired. The main advantage of NDT is that it allows control without destruction of the metallic piece. This method, very often used internationally, is definitely a powerful tool that is more and more in demand by the Mauritian industrials.

The main NDT techniques used by Apave Indian Ocean’s team are: dye penetrant test and magnetoscopy, ultrasonic testing and gammagraphy. We also provide for thickness measurements, qualification/coding of welders, qualifications of welding procedures, follow-ups of on site welding or pressure projects.

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