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Non-Destructive Testing at the Kome and Moundouli Oil Sites

Client Issue
Exxon Mobil began operating in Chad in the late 1990s. Approximately 250,000 barrels of oil/day are now exported via the Chad-Cameroon pipeline (470 kilometers) to the Cameroon coast. Exxon Mobil hired Apave to perform all non-destructive testing (primarily gamma radiography) required to ensure the integrity of the installations built for the Komé and Moundouli oil infrastructures in Chad. The project involves more than 350 oil wells.
Since May 2002, through our Chad branch, Apave has supplied non-destructive testing (NDT) teams, each of which consists of a level II RT, PT, MT, UT supervisor, a level II RT, PT, MT, UT inspector, a level I RT, PT, MT, UT inspector and a helper. Our teams have been supplemented by external experts in training and lifting machine inspection, Foucault current (Eddy Current) and TOFD inspectors, safety valve inspectors (PSV) and API 510 and API 570 pressure inspectors.
Apave Solution
More than 80,000 radiography films have been made to date. The job was completed without incident. Exxon Mobil gave Apave an award for logging six million work hours without accident.

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